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My Solutions Are Bold For The Future - Dr. Bawumia Tells Mammoth Crowd In Kwahu

Flagbearer of the NPP, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has made a compelling case for his election as the next President of Ghana.

Addressing a mammoth crowd in Kwahu Mpraeso on Saturday, after a special Easter health walk , Dr. Bawumia said, having never been President of Ghana before and considering his acclaimed impact as Vice President, a vote for him, he stressed, is a vote for bold solutions, while a vote for his main opponent is a vote for old solutions.

"Somebody has been President before and the question is: what did he do as President to address the problems of the country? He had no solutions and we all saw how he performed, leading to his exit from office. And now he says Ghanaians should bring him back?," Dr. Bawumia asked. 

"I have not been President before. I have only been a Vice President and as Vice President, I can point to a number of generational issues I have helped to resolve. By the grace of God, if you give me the opportunity, I will do more as President and resolve many issues."

"A vote for me is a vote for bold solutions. And a vote for my opponent is a vote for old solutions."

"I am coming with new ideas and bold solutions to move our country forward," said the Vice President.

"As I have said, I am coming with a new tax system which will bring a flat tax rate and also grant tax amnesty to businesses and individuals," he said.

"The future is technology and the youth of this country are important to drive what we want to do in technological advancement. That is why I have said we will train about 1 million young Ghanaians in coding and software applications under my Presidency."

"I am also revising the National Service Scheme. It will no longer be compulsory. Once you are out of school and you can get a job straightway, you don't have to undertake national service. I want to make it very simple for all."

Dr. Bawumia also reiterated his Ghanacard to passport policy. He explained that with all biometric details required for passport application already on the Ghanacard, there should be no need for a Ghanaian passport applicant to go through another process to obtain information already captured by the Ghanacard database.

"Once you have a Ghanacard, all you need to do is to pay for the passport application  fee online and your passport will be processed and delivered to you without going through another biometric verification process."

On comparative records between the NPP and NDC, Dr. Bawumia said the data shows that the NDC comes nowhere near the NPP in many sectors.

He listed the NPP's superior record in education, economic indicators, construction of hospitals, tourism, sports infrastructure, digitalisation and many more.

The NPP Flagbearer urged the rank and file of the party, to come together and work very hard to win the 2024 presidential election, as well as parliamentary majority.

Thousands of youth participated in the early-morning walk, which also had many NPP stalwarts, including National Chairman, Stephen Ayesu Ntim, General Secretary Justin Kodua Frimpong, and some Ministers and Deputy Ministers of State.

Also present were some aspirants who took part in the recent NPP presidential primaries.

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