Remarks By President Akufo-Addo At The 13th Duke Of Edinburgh International Award Forum

On behalf of the people and government of Ghana, I express my sincere appreciation to the International Council of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award for holding Forum 2018 in Ghana.

It is evident from the many smiles I see on the faces of the young people and visitors here that you have enjoyed your stay in Ghana, and from the earlier remarks made by previous speakers, this Forum has been a success. So, I believe it will not be out of place for me to request for another edition of the Forum to be held in Ghana. I look forward to welcoming you again soon, and I can assure Price Edward that the next time he will not have to compete with his elder brother for our attention.

Your Highness, ladies and gentlemen, there are many of our young men and women whose hopes and aspirations of obtaining holistic learning and training opportunities are hinged on the outcomes of this Forum. They are expectant that the time you have spent in Accra will succeed in helping to guarantee a sustainable future for the growth of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

This International Award Programme, has, over the years, helped young people build confidence in themselves, and in their ability to give back to society. That is why, for us, the Head of State Awards Scheme, responsible for the implementation of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award in Ghana, has gained, since 1967, fifty-one (51) years ago, the support of all successive Ghanaian leaders and Presidents.

As I indicated at the opening plenary session, I have taken my support for the Awards Scheme a step further by placing it under the direct supervision of the Office of the President. I have pledged resourcing them so it reaches out to even more youth in all parts of the country. This is because when our youth push themselves and work hard toward the realisation of their lives’ goals, they achieve extraordinary things. Indeed, there is no limit to their potential, and there is virtually nothing they cannot accomplish.

I am, particularly, excited about the newly launched “World Ready” campaign, which will help our youth tell their story of the impact this Award programme has had on their lives. It is the way by which people and other organizations would recognise the importance of this Award, motivating them to associate with us.

I thank all those who contributed in helping to ensure the holding and successful conclusion of Forum 2018. By this, I refer to the organizing teams from Ghana and the United Kingdom, the volunteers, donors and sponsors. 

In the words of the greatest of all British Prime Ministers, Winston Churchill: “there is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies”, in other words, there is no more valuable investment for any nation than investing in the future of its youth.

May God bless us all.

I thank you for your attention.



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