Two Ghanaians Elected to Serve on AU Legal Organs

Two Ghanaians Elected to Serve on AU Legal Organs

The Executive Council of the African Union on Thursday, January 26, 2017, elected two Ghanaians, Kathleen Quartey Ayensu and Daniel Batidam, to serve on the legal organs of the AU.

The Executive Council, which works in support of the AU Assembly and is responsible to the Assembly, elected Kathleen Quartey Ayensu to serve on the African Union Commission on International Law (AUCIL). Mr. Daniel Batidam was also elected to serve on the Advisory Board on Corruption.

Ahead of the conduct of the elections, Ghana presented these two names to serve on the legal organs, and won the contested positions during the elections held by the Executive Council.

About the legal organs
The AU Commission on International Law (AUCIL) was created in 2009 as an independent advisory organ in accordance with article 5(2) of the AU Constitutive Act. The AUCIL is to undertake activities relating to the codification and progressive development of international law in Africa with particular attention to the laws of the AU

The Advisory Board on Corruption, on the other hand, was established as part of the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption, which entered into force in August 2006. Under Article 22(5) of the Convention, the Board is mandated to promote and encourage member States to adopt measures and actions to meet the Convention’s objectives and to follow up the application of those measures.